About Us


Exceptions is a freelancer startup software service, specialized in helping its clients for almost a 3 years. We are among the good growing IT service which offers solutions with agile unique methodology to small mid and enterprise clients. Our experience has been utilized towards various technological needs likely application development, Web development, mobile development, custom ERP solutions, Business Process Management and testing services.

At Exceptions our major focus remains on servicing solutions with innovation. Our clients have witnessed the results and are happy with the solutions offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Bitcoins?
Because there is no third-party intermediary, Bitcoin transactions are purported to be substantially less expensive for users than those using traditional payments systems such as Paypal and credit cards, which charge merchants significant fees for their role as a trusted third-party intermediary to validate electronic transactions. In addition, Bitcoin sales are nonreversible, which removes the possibility for misuse of consumer charge-backs, which merchants find costly. Merchants would presumably pass at least some of these savings on to the customer. no comprehensive data exist on the size of Bitcoin’s transaction cost advantage.
The dollar is legal tender and by law can be used to extinguish public or private debts. A creditor is required to accept legal tender for the settlement of a debt. At a minimum, the payment of taxes forces U.S. individuals to hold dollars. Arguably, for many, such a government endorsement is comforting and creates a strong underlying demand for the dollar. By contrast, a currency like Bitcoin that is linked to a complex computer program that many do not understand and that operates without accountability to any controlling entity could be an unattractive vehicle for holding wealth for many people.